Visual Displays

LCD & LED signage, interactive displays, hotel TV’s and management solutions from Samsung

LED displays and interactive displays, beemers/projectors from other vendors according to your needs.

Samsung Electronics offers a wide range of displays solutions for both commercial and private venues. Here is a summary of their offerings:

Commercial Displays

  • Digital signage: Samsung’s digital signage displays are used in a variety of commercial settings, including retail stores, restaurants, airports, and museums. They offer high-quality images, easy-to-use content management software, and a variety of sizes and mounting options.
  • Interactive whiteboards: Samsung’s interactive whiteboards are used in conference rooms, classrooms, and other collaboration spaces. They allow users to write, draw, and share content on the screen using their fingertips or a stylus.
  • LED video walls: Samsung’s LED video walls are used in large-format displays, such as those found in stadiums, concert halls, and shopping malls. They offer high resolution, brightness, and contrast, making them ideal for displaying dynamic content.
  • Retail displays: Samsung’s retail displays are used to showcase products and information in retail stores. They offer sleek designs, high-resolution displays, and built-in multimedia capabilities.
  • Hospitality displays: Samsung’s hospitality displays are used in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues. They offer eye-catching designs, easy-to-navigate menus, and built-in multimedia capabilities.

Private Displays

  • Home theater displays: Samsung’s home theater displays are used to create immersive home entertainment experiences. They offer high resolution, wide viewing angles, and built-in surround sound systems.
  • Gaming displays: Samsung’s gaming displays are used for high-performance gaming. They offer fast response times, low input lag, and high refresh rates.
  • Office displays: Samsung’s office displays are used in a variety of office settings, including cubicles, conference rooms, and reception areas. They offer high resolution, wide viewing angles, and ergonomic designs.
  • Kitchen displays: Samsung’s kitchen displays are used to provide recipes, cooking instructions, and other information. They offer touchscreen capabilities, built-in speakers, and easy-to-clean designs.
  • Home automation displays: Samsung’s home automation displays are used to control smart home devices. They offer touchscreen capabilities, built-in speakers, and easy-to-navigate user interfaces.

Other Displays

  • Foldable displays: Samsung’s foldable displays are used in a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They offer a unique form factor that allows users to use the device in different ways.
  • MicroLED displays: Samsung’s microLED displays are used in high-end TVs and monitors. They offer exceptional picture quality, high brightness, and long lifespans.
  • 8K displays: Samsung’s 8K displays offer four times the resolution of 4K displays, resulting in incredibly sharp and detailed images.

Samsung Electronics is constantly innovating and developing new display technologies. They are committed to providing customers with the best possible display solutions for their needs.